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Print and Mail


Lanvera’s highly automated, state-of-the-art, secure print and mail facilities are designed for 100 percent document integrity while meeting the most demanding service-level agreements in the industry.


Intelligent Bar Codes

100 Percent Document Integrity

  • Ensure each page is matched and envelope contents are correct
  • Embed logic for intelligent insertion and special handling

Output Envelope Scanning

Every Document Hits the Mail Stream

  • Each envelope scanned and imaged
  • All envelopes tracked and compared to output files
  • No run released without 100 percent verification


High-Speed Laser Printing

Multiple Paper Choices

  • Preprinted paper or blank bond
  • Multiple papers in one document
  • Alternating simplex/duplex
  • Document cover sheets

Production Mailing

Intelligent Insertion

Personalized Marketing

  • Up to six selective marketing inserts
  • Reply envelopes
  • Multiple mailing envelope sizes
  • Envelope overprints

Large Document Handling

Right Package for Each Document

  • Separate work order for special handling
  • Multiple packaging options


Maximum Postage Discounts and Fastest USPS Delivery

  • Guaranteed presort postage rates
  • U.S. postage, international mail and Canadian post
  • DPV, NCOA and Fast Forward

Other Services

Forms Management

Never Run Out of Forms

  • Lanvera designs and supplies all forms
  • Inventory management and reorders

Address Correction Platform

Clean Addresses Before Production

  • Web-based, self-service platform
  • Full DPV, LACS and NCOA processing
  • On demand or monthly agreements