The Future of Document Marketing

Your current statement stuffers just aren’t cutting it anymore.  They are:

  • Expensive– they have to be printed at a separate location from the rest of your documents and shipped to your in-house production facility or vendor
  • Time consuming– they require a separate inserting machine, slowing down the entire production process
  • Often problematic– high gloss buck slips and poor formatting can lead to operational errors or equipment malfunction
  • Require significant planning– they have to be ordered and shipped well in advance to ensure they make it to your customers as scheduled
  • Generalized– they typically go to all your customers, regardless of whether or not the offer or promotion is applicable

Any of that sound familiar? Unfortunately, the list could go on… It’s frustrating because when you decided to market within your customer statements, it was meant to be a “high impact, low cost” opportunity. Using buck slips and statement stuffers, however, are often expensive, time consuming and seemingly, well… pointless.

You could sit back and silently suffer about the current state of your pricey and poorly performing document marketing. Prices will continue to rise. Mistakes will continue to be made. Your customers will continue to ignore your attempt at upselling your services…. Or, you could fix it.

The solution to all of your document marketing woes? Inline inserts.

The future of document marketing: Inline Inserts

Inline inserts are statement stuffers which are printed in-line, in full color with the rest of your documents.

That may not sound that earth shattering at first, but here’s why it matters, and why it should matter to you too: They are:

  • Print and Digital Customers – While buck slips are delivered to ONLY your print customers, Inline Inserts are delivered to BOTH your print and ePresentment customers in the exact same format. You will reach 100% of your customer base with the same marketing materials and messaging.
  • Affordable– they print right in line with the rest of your print process. They don’t have to be printed at a separate location from the rest of your documents and shipped to your in-house production facility or vendor, which eliminates the separate charges for printing and then shipping.
  • Fast– as they print side by side with the documents themselves, inline inserts don’t require a separate inserting machine. They print, fold and insert quickly and easily in one process…  expediting production.
  • Effortless– they eliminate the operational errors and equipment malfunction potentially caused by buck slips and high gloss inserts
  • Require little planning– because they don’t have to be ordered and shipped and are managed online with the rest of your files, they can be created easily and quickly, changed on the spot and still make it into the print process and to your customers on schedule
  • Personalized- Again, because they are managed online with the rest of your files, you can easily set up rules and workflows to determine who gets what message based on whether or not the offer or promotion is applicable. You save money by only sending marketing messages to those who will find them useful, and drive revenue by introducing customers to products and services unique to their needs.

they provide these additional benefits:

  • Drive customer engagement and action
  • Increase customer retention
  • Full color capabilities
  • Complete automation
  • Easy and fast change management

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and improve your marketing with inline inserts, contact us today.

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