Delivery Channels

Communication Delivery Channels

At Lanvera, we understand how critical your communication delivery is to your business. That’s why we employ delivery platforms at every step of our operations — from optimized print and mail to the latest in digital presentment. Thanks to our progressive approach, we have a proven track record for helping our clients drive efficiencies throughout their document management processes — such as migrating from print to digital formats.

See how our wide range of delivery platforms can help improve your customers’ experience and supports your organization’s business goals.

Delivery Platforms

Print & Mail

Match the most demanding SLAs in the industry with 100% document integrity


Full-featured, mobile-responsive platform for delivering customer documents and communication


Give your customers the ability to pay through links to any payment processor.

Email and Text

Expand your electronic communications and document delivery with utmost confidence

Support Platforms

CSR and Online Archiving

All customer-facing communications and compliance in one central location

24hr Client Portals

Real-time, self-service assess to our easy-to-use customer support tools around the clock.

Address Management

Real-time notification of undeliverable addresses through Delivery Point Validation (DPV)

Tax Processing

All the resources and capabilities you need to oversee the entire production cycle