ePresentment & EBPP Platform

Deliver Digital Communications to any Device

ePresentment and EBPP Marketing

Increasing customer digital adoption starts with multifunctional, secure two-way communication platforms, connected via SSO and APIs with Digital Banking, Patient Portals, and other primary Customer Portals.

The days of simply posting a PDF to a web page are over. Lanvera’s ePresentment & EBPP services, designed specifically for mobile devices, leverage our next-generation platform to guarantee a superior customer experience on smartphones, tablets, and more.

Lanvera ePresentment platform enabling digital customer experience on any device

High-Quality Customer Experience

  • Designed for all Mobile devices
  • All Communications: Documents, Emails & Texts
  • Integration with any Customer Portal
  • Content Manager for Marketing & Support
  • Customer Profile and Preference Options
  • Secure two-way communication with CSR
  • Integration with any Payment Processor
  • SSO and DSO authentication
  • Data and Document API integration