Lanvera was founded as a customer communication outsourcing company long before digital delivery existed. Yet, from the beginning, we’ve been using technology to redesign and build document formats that are much more efficient to produce — saving our Clients a fortune in print and mail costs.

As one of the first pioneers in ePresentment in 2002, we knew digital would ultimately take over. However, digital adoption has been slower than expected until recent years, when connected mobile devices and high bandwidth became ubiquitous. Now, the market is moving at hyper-speed toward digital transformation and multiplatform integration to create a strong digital experience for the Customer. Companies that make that investment will have a serious competitive edge.


Today’s Focus

Lanvera builds and processes over 300 million communication images a year. We continue to make major investments in our people, infrastructure, and software platforms. We’ve morphed into a SAAS provider, using our software to build and deliver personalized communications supported by a high-quality Professional Services Team. As a result, Lanvera Clients enjoy quick, reliable implementations and smooth change-management projects. Our print business remains strong, because each new Client has existing print initiatives to manage. But our Clients all want the same thing — the highest-quality customer experience to drive digital adoption. That means a next-generation, mobile responsive platform with multiple channel delivery and API integration — and that’s exactly what Lanvera brings to every engagement.