Executive Summary


A Document Outsourcing Partner Invested in Your Success

Choosing the right document delivery provider starts with evaluating existing capabilities. Yet it’s even more important to understand the strategic direction of your prospective partner.  

At Lanvera, we believe our greatest strength starts with our mission — to be a best-in-class document partner. Simply, you can’t be the best if you’re not actively working to be the best. That’s why we continually invest in all areas of our business, especially in our people, next-generation digital delivery platforms, and real-time integration with other client enterprise systems.   


Aggregating all customer communications through one platform streamlines the process and significantly lowers production and management costs by eliminating duplication across vendors. 

Companies are racing to transition their customer communications from print to digital. And why not? Not only is digital delivery much faster — it’s also five times less expensive than print and mail. Unfortunately, many of the existing digital delivery platforms are dated and weren’t designed for mobile devices. Lanvera solves the problem with digital delivery platforms expressly designed and built for mobile, offering seamless aggregation of documents from disparate sources.  

Advanced digital delivery platforms require up-to-date Customer and Online User data to keep Core, Digital Banking, CRMs, Customer Portals, and third-party systems synchronized with Lanvera. Our platforms were designed and built to support real-time APIs, and we offer many off-the-shelf connectivity options. Plus, if we don’t have it, we’ll build it.

Since our company’s inception, Lanvera has been committed to one thing — being best in class in the Customer Communication outsourcing space. Our investments in people, production and data facilities, security, and our considerable R&D initiatives are firmly focused on advancing innovation in customer communications. 


Eliminating human touchpoints through total automation is critical in meeting tight SLAs and attaining 100% accuracy. Lanvera customizes workflows for each Client and each communication to accommodate demanding business requirements at our lowest possible cost.  

Lanvera handles simple communication requirements with ease, and we have the ability to tackle complex functions as well — including combining multiple documents into one or using rules for content to eliminate scores of template versions for branding, compliance, and personalized marketing data. 


Our PMP-certified Project Managers lead each implementation and change management initiative, no matter how big or how small. Lanvera staffs a large team of well-trained professionals with the expertise to guide you through the process. The strength of our team enables Lanvera to offer some of the fastest implementations and change management turnaround in the business.

As marketing professionals know, statements and invoices have very high open rates and provide an extremely inexpensive, repetitive marketing opportunity. Lanvera offers an array of personalized marketing options for delivery using our print and mail services or our digital platform. 

Lanvera produces and delivers hundreds of millions of communications a year, so reliability and security are key drivers in every evaluation. Our SOC 2 audits, high-availability data centers, and business continuity plans are designed to pass the rigid scrutiny of any prospective Client. 

A common misconception about document outsourcing is how much effort is required to get up and running. To get started, we need your requirements, rules, approval of new design formats, and a final sign-off by you. We accept your existing files and workflows — so you can simply point your data and print files to Lanvera.