4 Document Design Tips your CSRs (and Budget) Will Thank You For

Customer Service

Ever stop to wonder how much you are really spending on unnecessary phone calls to your call center? You are not alone. According to a SilverCloud survey of over 200 credit unions and banks, 63% of the respondents said that their subject matter experts and managers spend more than 1/3 of their day answering front-line […]

The Secret to Fast Document Change Management

Change Management

Businesses that process large volumes of customer communications know that making changes to business-critical documents is often a dreaded task. Many times the change management process is time-consuming, sometimes taking up to 6 weeks from the time the change request is submitted, to fulfillment. When changes take this long, document design can become outdated, marketing […]

Why Multiple Vendors are Holding You Back

Why Multiple Vendors are Holding You Back

Today’s financial institutions are under pressure to innovate faster with fewer resources and greater flexibility than ever before. Many understand that these expectations, coupled with growing demands on communications, reveal the importance of tapping into the expertise of a tenured member communications partner. 59% of businesses outsource critical services in order to cut costs, and […]

The Future of Document Marketing

Member Statement Marketing

Your current statement stuffers just aren’t cutting it anymore.  They are: Expensive– they have to be printed at a separate location from the rest of your documents and shipped to your in-house production facility or vendor Time consuming– they require a separate inserting machine, slowing down the entire production process Often problematic– high gloss buck […]

How to Convert Your Customers to Paperless Documents

Digital Communications

There are many benefits to paperless adoption, however, getting your customers to convert to electronic statements and invoices is sometimes difficult and expensive. We have compiled a list of the 8 best practices to successfully convert your customers to a paperless CCM platform while ensuring their continued satisfaction. 1.) Consistent Formatting Offering a   document that […]

How to Win Loyalty with Millennials and Gen Z

How to Win Loyalty with Millennials

Financial institutions (FI’s) may find it challenging to attract and retain millennial customers. This group views their relationships with FI’s much differently than earlier generations. The methods FI’s have traditionally relied upon may not be effective with this demographic age group, now the largest segment of the population, bypassing the baby boomers. Financial institutions that […]

5 Things Executives Should Know about their Customer Documents

Customer Document Outsourcing

The invoices, notices, statements, and other customer documents your organization sends out daily represent not only a substantial allocation of funds, but a key vehicle for communicating with your customers, and thus one of the most critical components of your business. These documents should not be overlooked as a simple operational formality.There are 5 facts […]

Missed Statement Marketing Opportunities

Customer Document Marketing

We all know marketing communications are going digital. In the rush to embrace new technology, marketers have ignored other, more traditional means of reaching audiences. Transactional documents are one of those channels marketers often overlook. These are important touch points and not leveraging their potential is a missed opportunity. Thankfully, that’s changing. In recent years […]

Millennial Banking: What’s Important to Them?

How to Win Loyalty with Millennials

Millennials are flexing their demographic muscle and reshaping customer service in just about every industry. Banking is no exception and today’s financial institutions are employing several strategies to retain the business of this sometime-elusive group. Millennials’ habits and preferences have been exhaustively detailed. They are difficult to engage, less trusting of traditional institutions, lacking in […]