Industry Change is coming. Will you be left behind?

“Change is Inevitable, Progress is Optional” 

-Tony Robbins 

When motivational speaker and life coach, Tony Robbins, said this, he was referring to changes in your life- the way you react, what you learn, and how you grow from them. When you think about it, it’s a pretty inspiring thought. You get to decide whether or not you make forward progress, and how you do it. 

Now think about this: Your business industry is changing. In 20 years, it will likely be unrecognizable. When you think about industry change, it’s unlikely you think much about your customer documents and communications, but the truth is, the documents you send to your customers and the way you communicate with them are major components affected by change, and major factors driving that change.  

How Change Affects your Customer Documents 

Regulatory bodies consistently making changes that dictate how you communicate with your customers, and the information your documents must contain. In the past, keeping up with these changes has been difficult. Simple changes, such as a compliance update, can take up to six weeks at an outsourced vendor.  

You don’t have that kind of time if you want to avoid fees or penalties for ignoring regulations. Changes should be fast, and you’ll need a system that allows for continued compliance through instant updates.  

How Customer Documents Drive Change 

Technology is making the customer experience dramatically different. Customers commonly complete tasks that once required an office visit or phone call, remotely via mobile apps and web portals. The lack of personal interaction, via face to face or simply over the phone, requires a new approach to documents, marketing, and communications.  

Whether or not your customers are visiting your office in person, they need to know about your new products or services. Customer documents and the customer web portal can allow for innovative marketing opportunities to supplement the loss of face-to-face selling. The future of customer documents incorporates personalized marketing with transpromo messaging, statement inserts and envelope overprints.  

Bottom Line 

The bottom line is this: Industries are evolving due to changing expectations and regulations. The way your customers obtain information, the way they engage with your business, and the way your industry operates in general will be drastically different in 5 years. Everything must become instant and fast, especially the way you respond to change… The progress you make.  

When regulations change, you need the ability to easily documents to remain compliant… When you add new products and services, you need to quickly be able to let your customers know… A system that accommodates easy and fast changes to customer documents is essential. 

The Solution 

The solution lies in how you manage your customer documents and marketing and should allow for quick and easy updates because at the end of the day, industry-wide change is going to happen. A self-service, secure content management system through a statement and document outsourcer will allow you to easily upload new, personalized marketing messages, and make quick changes to your documents to ensure compliance with changing regulations. 

As we’ve said, change is inevitable, it’s up to you whether or not you make the progress necessary to ensure that keeping current with change isn’t a painful process.  

At Lanvera, we offer a self-service client portal that is optimized for easy change management, so you can make any necessary changes to your customer documents in a matter of seconds. Contact us today to learn more about our client portal and how it can make compliance and marketing exponentially easier for your business. 

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