Customer Documents: The Most Critical Component of your business

To an outsider, the customer documents your business sends out could seem merely mundane, consisting of financial files filled with numbers and transactions, solely used for record keeping.

This is a common misconception. 

This overlooks the potential insights and opportunities they hold, as customer documents are one of the most critical components of your business. As face-to-face interaction declines, documents are quickly becoming the primary line of communication between your business and your customers, and if done properly, they have the ability to influence customer behavior, drive sales efforts, and increase brand loyalty. 

It may sound silly to think that a document would be able to accomplish all these things, but it’s true… but only if you’re using them right. Here’s how: 

  1. Influence customer behavior:  
  • New Service Adoption– By including marketing messages that are targeted based on habit and need, your documents can easily provide a platform for you to encourage customers to adopt new services. 
  • Accelerated Payments– Offering documents that are designed for easy readability and delivered fast and efficiently will make customers more apt to make their payments on time, if not ahead of schedule 
  1. Drive Sales Efforts: 
  • Cross Sell and Up Sell– In-document marketing can grow your business through the use of transactional information to cross sell to customers who need your additional services. 
  • Affiliate Marketing– Increase revenues by selling affiliate ad space to businesses who offer services similar to or compatible with your customer’s needs. 
  1. Increase Brand Loyalty: 
  • Optimized Documents– Customers like documents that are consistently formatted for ease and readability. Utilizing templates and design software will increase brand loyalty by ensuring you always provide your customers with the most user-friendly documents possible. 

At Lanvera, business documents have been formulated for each partner in a unique way to help their business get more out of the mundane. So, stop viewing your customer documents as merely the medium for delivering transactional information. They can do so much more and left unattended it is truly a missed opportunity for available growth. Contact us today to find out how Lanvera can help your business start receiving more out of your business-critical documents!


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