APIs & SSO Integration

Synchronize Customer & Online User Data

API and SSO Integrations

Keeping Customer, Payment and Online User data updated across multiple, disparate systems is a big challenge. In order to apply communication business rules, personalized content rules, customer preferences, marketing selectivity, and delivery rules, Lanvera requires near real-time customer data. Our API core integrations allow data to be synchronized with our platform in near real-time to ensure accurate customer communications.

Lanvera’s API Product Group has a library of established APIs to many popular platforms, with more to come. If we don’t currently support your platform, we’ll build it as part of your implementation.

APIs to Any Platform

  • Cores
  • Digital Banking
  • CRM
  • Customer and Patient Portals
  • Payment Processors
  • Third Party Servicers


Lanvera publishes SSO specifications, allowing quick authentication into all Lanvera platforms including:


Customer Authentication: ePresentment and EBPP

Customers authenticating into a Client’s Digital Banking, Patient, or Customer Portals can easily access our digital delivery platform without the need for an additional login. A DSO option is also available.

Employee Authentication: CSR & Online Archiving and the Lanvera Client Portal

Create SSO authentication for all security-eligible Employees from any Core or ECM platform. Role-based security is handled in Lanvera applications.