CSR and Online Archiving

All Customer Communications in One Online Archiving Platform

CSR and Online ArchivingCustomer Service Representatives (CSRs), legal staff, and compliance officers require quick access to all original customer communications, including marketing offers.

Lanvera’s CSR & Online Archiving platform is integrated with ePresentment services, storing all documents, emails, and texts — including marketing content — in one data store for easy access by authorized Customers and Employees.

Lanvera’s CSR & Data Archiving Solution offering secured & easy access to data

CSR and Online Archiving Benefits

  • All communications stored in one place for Customer and Employee access
  • Full life-cycle data for each communication, from creation to delivery
  • Mail Tracking and Certified Mail data
  • Secure document exchange with Customers through ePresentment
  • Unlimited history for both Customers and Employees
  • Low cost alternative to purchasing, importing, and storing PDF archive files in ECMs
  • Access via SSO authentication from any Core or CRM platform

CSR is not a replacement for ECM platforms designed for single scanned documents. CSR provides inexpensive storage for customer communications your customers want and your employees need.