Patient-Friendly Statements

Healthcare Patient Friendly StatementsPatient-friendly statements lead to faster payment, reduced patient frustration, and fewer calls to customer support centers. Unfortunately, healthcare core platforms don’t produce patient-friendly communications. 

Lanvera offers targeted expertise in healthcare statement outsourcing, including data-merge communications from multiple systems to create one easy-to-understand statement. 

We Design, Build, and Deliver All Patient Communications

  • Patient Statements
  • Notices & Letters
  • Reminders & Confirmations

Healthcare Statements Designed for Clarity

  • Consolidate data from multiple systems
  • Clearly designate current amount due and due date
  • Brands and entity management using rules
  • Avoid confusion on insurance payments
  • Designate all payment options

Personalized Marketing - Consistency in Print and Digital

  • Product Messaging
  • Color Inline Inserts
  • ePresentment Page Content
  • Email Ads & Buttons with Hyperlinks

Integration with Payment Processors

  • File or API integration with your Payment Processor
  • Email & Text reminders and confirmations

Lanvera's Advanced Software Platforms

  • ePresentment
  • Client Portal
  • Email
  • CSR & Online Archiving
  • Address Management
  • SMS Text


Our API Product Team builds and supports real-time APIs for Patient and Online User data from your Core, Patient Portal, CRM, and ECM platforms. Our API gateway makes new implementations simple and fast. Rest assured — we’ll support APIs to all major healthcare software providers.  

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