Policy Document Outsourcing and Premium Billing

Insurance Policy Document OutsourcingInsurance companies generate countless customer communications laced with regulatory and compliance language. Timely proof of delivery is a unique requirement of the insurance business. 

Lanvera has all the tools to support insurance companies that want to outsource. We can design, build, and maintain your communications — or you can provide your own document composition services and use Lanvera to produce, deliver, and archive for both digital and print delivery channels. 

Turnkey Communications - Or Compose Your Own

  • Lanvera does it all: design, compose, build, deliver, and archive
  • If you prefer to handle composition, we can take it from there with production, delivery, and archiving

We Design, Build, and Deliver All Insurance Communications

  • Policies
  • Cancellation Notices
  • Renewal Notices
  • Claim Letters
  • Premium Notices
  • Policy Updates
  • Reminders
  • Confirmations

Integration with Payment Processors

  • File or API integration with your Payment Processor
  • Email & Text reminders and confirmations

Lanvera's CSR & Online Archiving Platform

  • Document life-cycle data for proof of production and delivery
  • All communications hosted with unlimited history
  • Certified mail and receipt tracking
  • USPS mail tracking scan data
  • Integrated with ePresentment
  • Secure document exchange with ePresentment

Other Lanvera Software Platforms

  • ePresentment
  • Address Management
  • Client Portal
  • Email & SMS Text


Our API Product Team builds and supports real time APIs for Customer and Online User data from your Core, Customer Portal, CRM, and ECM platforms. Our API gateway makes new implementations simple and fast. Rest assured — we’ll support APIs to all major insurance software providers.