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Credit Union Statement OutsourcingToday, future-focused credit unions know they have to provide a top-notch digital experience — from digital Member statements to home banking integration. Lanvera has decades of experience in credit union Member communications as a one-partner solution across all delivery channels. Our digital offerings, designed and built for mobile, offer our Clients a way to transition into the next generation of Member communications.

Lanvera Offers More than Credit Union Statement Outsourcing

  • Increase Digital Adoption Rates with our mobile responsive Digital platforms
  • Sync Core, Digital Banking, CRM, and ePresentment platforms with real-time APIs
  • Simplify with one partner and one platform for all Member communications, both print and digital
  • Integrate ePresentment with CSR & Online Archiving
  • Leverage our best-in-class Print & Mail operations

We Design, Build and Deliver all Member Communications

  • Monthly Statements
  • Tax Forms (1099s)
  • Mortgage Statements
  • Daily Notices
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Loan Coupons

Personalized Marketing - Consistency in Print and Digital

  • Document Messages & Ad Banners
  • Envelope Inserts & Overprints
  • Email Ads
  • Color Inline Inserts
  • ePresentment Page Content
  • Buttons with Hyperlinks

Lanvera's Advanced Software Platforms

  • ePresentment
  • Client Portal
  • Email
  • CSR & Online Archiving
  • Address Management
  • SMS Text


Our API Product team is dedicated to building and supporting real time APIs for member and online user data. If your Core, Digital Banking and CRM vendor offers API connectivity, and we don’t yet have an installation, we’ll get it done as part of your implementation. Our API gateway makes new implementations simple and fast. Rest assured – we’ll support APIs to all major credit union software providers.  

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