Loan Servicing

Loan Servicing Outsourcing Solutions

Loan Servicing Document OutsourcingLoan servicing companies face challenges in electronic adoption, payment collection, state and federal compliance, and managing large numbers of communication templates — especially when change management versioning is required.

Lanvera offers a one-vendor solution to all financial services companies, regardless of loan type, for both print and digital delivery.

We Design, Build, and Deliver All Loan Communications

  • Mortgage Statements
  • Student Loan Statements
  • Auto Statements
  • Leasing Statements

Personalized Marketing - Consistency in Print and Digital

  • Brand Management
  • Color Inline Inserts
  • Envelope Inserts & Overprints
  • Document Messages & Ad Banners
  • ePresentment Page Content
  • Email Ads & Buttons with Hyperlinks

Multiple Template Versions and Brands

  • Significantly reduce template versions using content rules
  • Manage brands and loan products content using rules
  • Control state compliance language using rules
  • Fastest change management in the industry

Integration with Payment Processors

  • File or API integration with your Payment Processor
  • Email & Text reminders and confirmations

Lanvera's Advanced Software Platforms

  • ePresentment
  • Client Portal
  • Email
  • CSR & Online Archiving
  • Address Management
  • SMS Text


Our API Product team is dedicated to building and supporting real time APIs for customer and online user data. If your Core and CRM vendor offers API connectivity, and we don’t yet have an installation, we’ll get it done as part of your implementation. Our API gateway makes new implementations simple and fast. Rest assured – we’ll support APIs to all major software providers.

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