How to Win Loyalty with Millennials and Gen Z

How to Win Loyalty with Millennials

Financial institutions (FI’s) may find it challenging to attract and retain millennial customers. This group views their relationships with FI’s much differently than earlier generations. The methods FI’s have traditionally relied upon may not be effective with this demographic age group, now the largest segment of the population, bypassing the baby boomers. Financial institutions that […]

Digital-First Customer Experience is the Future

Digital-first customer experience using outsourcing services from Lanvera

In an effort to meet the demands of digital-first customers, reduce expenses and improve efficiencies, Bank of America has recently opened three completely automated branches in Colorado and Minnesota. These branches include ATMs, as well as video conferences with employees from other branches, according to Bank of America Spokeswoman, Anne Pace. “We are literally automating every single […]