Telecom Services and Letter Outsourcing

Telecom Invoice Outsourcing

Most medium-sized telecom carriers offer a variety of consumer and business products requiring detailed invoices to be generated by product and brand. Efficient design requires fewer templates and leverages a rules engine to update marketing and product offers, product details, customer support information, and lockbox routing to name just a few special requirements.


Lanvera brings a one-vendor solution with an array of services to the telecom space.


Efficient Management of Brand and Product Templates

  • Advanced marketing by brand
  • Compliance content by state
  • Lockbox rules
  • Fastest change management in the industry

We Design, Build, and Deliver All Telecom Communications

  • Telecom Invoices
  • Reminders
  • Notices & Letters
  • Confirmations

Personalized Marketing - Consistency in Print and Digital

  • Dynamic Product Offers
  • Color Inline Inserts
  • Envelope Inserts & Overprints
  • Document Messages & Ads
  • EBPP Page Content
  • Email Ads and Buttons with Hyperlinks

Integration with Payment Processors

  • File or API integration with your Payment Processor
  • Email & Text reminders and confirmations

Other Lanvera Software Platforms

  • EBPP
  • Client Portal
  • Email
  • CSR & Online Archiving
  • Address Management
  • SMS Text


Our API Product Team builds and supports real time APIs for Customer and Online User data from your Core, Customer Portal, CRM, and ECM platforms. Our API gateway makes new implementations simple and fast. Rest assured — we’ll support APIs to all major telecom software providers.