The Pitfalls of Pricing Comparisons

Companies attempting to compare pricing from competing outsource document service companies have a difficult task. Each vendor may offer a different menu of services and price schedule. Invoice line item evaluation can be time consuming and confusing.    Outsource companies bundle services differently. Some companies quote a single price for printing and inserting a document. Other […]

Integrated Customer Experience a Challenge for Financial Institutions-

Customer Document Outsourcing

Many financial institutions struggle to integrate customer-facing applications. Program administration often resides in separate business units with little synchronization between them. Coordinated customer experience (CX) is difficult to achieve when the applications are running under separate software and accessing independent databases.  This situation came about as financial institutions (FI’s) scurried to meet rapid implementation targets […]

Harness the Power of Dynamic Marketing in an Automated World 

Marketing without targeting is not a winning strategy. Most of us are bombarded with hundreds of messages a day that aren’t relevant or valuable, so we delete, toss, and tune out. Marketing wins are based on data analytics. Data allows you to hit the right note with your intended audiences.  Remember generic bill stuffers for […]

5 Things Executives Should Know About Their Customer Documents


The invoices, notices, statements and other customer documents and communications your organization sends out daily represent not only a substantial allocation of funds, but a key vehicle for communicating with your customers, and thus one of the most critical components of your business. These documents should not be overlooked as a simple operational formality. There […]