4 Document Design Tips your CSRs (and Budget) Will Thank You For

Ever stop to wonder how much you are really spending on unnecessary phone calls to your call center? You are not alone. According to a SilverCloud survey of over 200 credit unions and banks, 63% of the respondents said that their subject matter experts and managers spend more than 1/3 of their day answering front-line questions. While phone calls are an integral part of the customer experience, there are ways to decrease your call volume while keeping your customers happy and increasing your bottom line.

Your business-critical documents are an integral element of your communications strategy because they serve as one of the primary lines of communication between you and your customers.  Designs that yield ultimate readability are of utmost importance when looking to decrease call center volumes and positively impact your bottom line by driving behavior.

Poorly designed customer documents are expensive — not just in production costs, but also unnecessary customer service calls, low electronic adoption rates, customer frustration with hard–to–understand billing, lost marketing opportunities, and poor corporate image. Document Design is extremely important in maintaining positive communications and ensuring customers not only understand their statement or invoice but also know how to act upon them.

Here are 3 document design tips to guarantee a clean and concise customer communication vehicle that will not only aid in decreasing call center volumes but will also increase your revenue by driving behavior and elevating overall customer satisfaction.

  1. Eliminate– Say goodbye to white space! Too much white space in a document can cause the eye to wander and creates wasted page real estate. Capitalizing on the space you have will enhance readability, as well as cut paper and postage costs.
  2. Consolidate– Why not combine credit card transactions with a mortgage statement within the same envelope by merging information and printing on both sides of each page? This will reduce print and mail volumes, as well as improve the user experience as they will not have as many envelopes to sift through. It’s a win-win!
  3. Personalize– Personalizing your business-critical documents is one of the best ways to create a unique and memorable customer. Tailor marketing specifically to the individual and including his or her name in the copy of the statement will make a huge impact on overall satisfaction.
  4. Replicate– This is the HOLY GRAIL when it comes to decreasing call center activity. By arming your CSRs with exact replicas of what the customers are looking at as they call with questions about their documents will decrease call times due to the ability to quickly navigate documents with customers while on the phone. Additionally, it will improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with timely and knowledgeable responses. When you step back and think about it, your customers are busy, so when you save them time, you make them happy!

Maintaining positive communications and ensuring customers not only understand their statement or invoice but also know how to act upon them.

If your documents aren’t legible, your customers are likely to be frustrated, leading to longer customer service calls and questions. Interested in optimizing your documents to decrease call center activity and increase your bottom line? Click here to email us!

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