Are Your ePresentment Services Giving Your Customers Everything They Need?

The benefits of digital delivery of business-critical documents are well known for both businesses and their customers. Electronic presentment (ePresentment) of statements and documents is cost-saving, eco-friendly, and easily accessed by customers in a place where they tend to spend a lot of time these days: their mobile devices.

Today, there are many common practices that customers expect at a bare minimum to meet their needs. A digital banking app, online portal, and electronic statement delivery are no longer a bonus, but an expectation for many, overprint and mail statements.

And while ePresentment is largely considered status quo in today’s world, you can set yourself apart by going above and beyond your customer’s most basic expectations and providing a dynamic and engaging digital experience.

To do that, your ePresentment platform must be comprehensive, intuitive, and personalized.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your ePresentment services are giving your customers everything they want and need. Is your current strategy for statement delivery simply maintaining status quo? Or is it truly making the lives of your customers easier and better?


Do your customers have easy and comprehensive access to their statements and documents?
The days of simply posting a PDF to a webpage and calling that ePresentment are over. Even so, at its core, exceptional ePresentment is still a place for customers to securely access all their statements and documents. This means the most basic requirement for ePresentment is easy and robust access to both recent and historical documents.

Electronic statements and documents that are easy to access via both web portal and app, and contain a complete history, are the bread and butter of ePresentment.


Is your ePresentment platform intuitive?
Design matters. Ensure your app and web portal interfaces are clean, well designed, and formatted similar to each other to ensure continuity between the two. Use templates for consistency in documents and optimize colors, fonts, transactional layouts, and easy-to-read summary sections that lend visual appeal and readability to your statements.


Is the ePresentment experience personalized to your customers?
For a truly top-tier ePresentment experience, customers should be able to set preferences for notification and delivery (print, email, text, or a combination) and receive targeted marketing, unique to each person.

This means interacting with your customers in a way that considers their needs, preferences, and interests, segmenting them accordingly within your CRM, and delivering personalized messaging, promotions, and offers based on those things.

Custom preferences and personalized marketing can make a huge impact on your customer’s ePresentment experience and set you apart from your competition.

A high-quality ePresentment strategy is so important for businesses with high volumes of customer documents. You need an approach that meets the needs of your customers and is able to scale with your business as you grow, and as the needs of the industry inevitably change. With the proper tools and systems in place, you can meet and exceed the expectations your customers have for their electronic document delivery.

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