3 Elements of Optimized Customer Communications

Today’s business world is changing fast. Your customers have an expectation for exceptional experiences characterized by easy to read documents, available on numerous platforms, and customized to them as individuals, rather than a general audience. In short, they want completely optimized communication… Easy enough, right?

Complete customer communications optimization refers to more that just the design of your documents, but rather, the design, personalization and production. It sounds complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how you can accomplish all three:

Customer Friendly Design

Document templates will be your best friends. Creating individual documents from scratch is time consuming and leads to poor brand recognition, and customer frustration with inconsistent document design. A global document template provides optimized design through the standardized elimination of white space and inclusion of headers and summary tables, and lends itself to improved branding by creating uniformity across all documents.

Additionally, utilizing document templates also accommodates the next aspect of complete communication optimization: Personalized Marketing Management.

Personalized Marketing Management

Generalized statement stuffers stuck in an envelope behind a statement are not effective. They’re just not… Now, that’s not to say the blanket messages you’ve previously sent to your entire customer base have always been useless, but they are now. The good news? Once you’ve begun utilizing templates, personalization in your customer documents becomes a lot easier.

In your templates, you’ll designate specific areas for marketing messaging. You can create and implement business rules and workflows to segment customers based on specific criteria, and then, through a content management system or secure web-portal, dynamically insert personalized content into the designated marketing spaces.

The benefits of personalized marketing are exponential: If you’re selling something your customer needs, the marketing is useful (not intrusive). If it’s useful, it’s effective. If it’s effective, they convert… And if they convert… well, that’s when you see an improved ROI on your document marketing, and begin to offset production and delivery costs as whole.

Optimized Production and Delivery

Fully optimized document production and delivery can be a difficult process. To be fully optimized, production must be automated, and delivery must be multi-channel. 

Utilizing duplex printing, eliminating white space and consolidating numerous documents into a single envelope will optimize production operations and reduce costs, and a multi-channel delivery approach allows your customers to receive documents on more than one platform, keeping them consistently informed and making it much more likely that payments will be made on time, if applicable.

Today’s technology makes these three elements extremely attainable, especially if you choose to work with an outsourced partner. Follow these guidelines and your business can begin taking advantage of completely optimized customer communication now.

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